A little about what I've done.

CAS Scholarship Winner CAS Scholarship Winner

I was awarded the inaugural CAS Student Recognition Scholarship at the 51st CAS Awards.

EMMYS Internship EMMYS Internship

Chosen as the 2013 EMMYS Academy Summer Internship Sound Intern.
Stationed at Larson Sound.

Apple Apple

Apple taught me many things about customer service, and troubleshooting skills.

University of Colorado University of Colorado

Recording studio, lab, and equipment monitor, liaison between the film and audio programs, I’ve got more experience than this webpage can handle!

Audio Engineering Society Audio Engineering Society

Treasurer, Vice President, President, I wore many different hats in my Universities local AES Chapter.

Get In Touch

Danny Maurer

Please feel free to reach out to me with any inquiries about freelance work.
(720) 341-3770 – – iMDb

- Danny Maurer

“Each and every sound is nothing more than a collection of frequencies that change over time. You can use these frequencies like paint, combining them to make new colors.”


- Erik Adahl